We are developing products that are more satisfying
with our unique know-how and development technologies we have cultivated over the years.


We design specific water Recirculating Chiller based on our customer’s exact requirements.

  • Specification meeting Design -- Reference specification – Quotation
  • Customer approval Order Acknowledgement -- Parts on Order – Production Start -- Shipping Inspection -- Test -- Delivery


  • Developing water recirculating chillers that can precisely maintain the accurate temperature of the heat transfer medium with a highly responsive temperature control has been the key to our success in semiconductor applications.
  • Developing chillers with multiple channel cooling units that cover a wide variety of temperature ranges (-40 ° C to 80 ° C) increases the flexibility of the chillers and reducing maintenance.
  • Developing low noise/ energy saving split unit chillers (saving space at delivery) for hospitals and medical laboratories.
  • In the medical field, some types of water chillers are part of medical equipment. In this case we are developing custom products with our customer’s detailed input for specifications, manufacturing, and part selection.


  • We are seriously committed to high quality manufacturing to strive for achieving zero defects every day.
  • We carry out trial operation and shipping inspection on all equipment for quality control.